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Why Choose us to Manage Your Property?

with-Directors.jpgBecause we do more than your average property management team.

Property Management is more than just collecting rent and conducting property inspections. We take a more holistic approach, providing an all-encompassing property service solution for our investors.

Quality of Service

What you can expect to receive from us;

  • Seamless property management run by the business owners themselves who are hands on in all aspects of the management process. Each Director - with no less than 10 years experience in the industry, lead a dedicated team of experienced professionals who go the extra distance to tie up any loose ends and ensure no corners are cut.
  • A local brand built on integrity and accountability.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your property has been entrusted to two of the industry’s most dedicated and knowledgeable professionals.
  • Proactive management of your property. Recommendations are made throughout the management experience on how to keep your investment in optimum condition and what upkeep may be required in the future to ensure your asset continues to appreciate in value.
  • Informative and regular communication. We have listened to our clients and understand that owners today want to be kept informed during the letting process. We will contact you on the same day of any inspections and provide you with honest, personalised feedback.
  • Continuity of staff. You won’t have to deal with frequent staff changes, or risk losing valuable property and tenant history with each departing property manager.
  • A tailor made property management package designed to meet your needs and expectations.

Rental Appraisals on properties for sale

Looking to buy a rental property and need independant and realistic advice on what the potential return might be? Come to us first to gain an understanding if the property you have your eye on is the best suited for investment before making the purchase. We can easily attend any open for inspection to assist in this decision making process.

Tax Depreciation

Whilst you probably already have an accountant, they may not specialise in the depreciation aspect of your investment property. This could mean that you are losing potential tax credits by failing to take full advantage of a property’s tax depreciation potential. We can arrange for a professional quantity surveying company to discuss individual needs and fees and facilitate this process for you.

Sales estimates and registered valuations

Being a boutique property management business specialising in property management, we are also able to offer our clients a sales service so we can continue to provide our clients with a complete property management package from start to finish. Combining forces with a highly reputable and experienced local sales agent means our selling clients can benefit from continuity of contact that our office will continue to provide during the sales process, as well as access to the extensive database that we can utilise with a local sales agent - all at no extra cost.

With the ever-changing tax laws, valuations may be required from time to time or if you are refinancing and need an updated value for capital gains tax, this is also something else we can facilitate for you.

Assistance with your move

Once you have made the decision to rent out your home, there are things that need to be done in preparation for your new tenants. We have a detailed checklist to guide you through this process step-by-step. We can also further assist you by arranging many of these aspects on your behalf.

Home loan health check

Have you ever wondered if your existing home loan is the one that best suits your current situation? You may be eligible to reduce your payments, unlock equity in your home or consolidate some debts. Our network of mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of products and services which may be of benefit to you.

Renovation and upgrade consultancy

Whether it’s for your own home or your rental property, we have an ‘in house’ renovation project manager who can meet with you and discuss solutions to unlock the potential in your investment, or add more comfort and enjoyment to your home. This can be as small a job as painting, to an entire property overhaul – our Project Manager has the experience and attention to detail to ensure the process is professionally managed and you are provided with competitive trade rates.

Tenant Induction

Corporate and high-end rentals often differ from other homes due to the complexities and uniqueness of each property. We appreciate that sometimes it is the smallest of things that can cause the biggest of issues. As a part of the initial tenant induction to the property, we also include an on-site walk through at the time of handing over the keys to explain general usage of appliances, alarm systems and other property-specific information.

Online Owner Portal with 24/7 access

Latham Cusack Property Services are always looking for ways to use modern technology to improve the service we provide to our valued clients. You will have access to a secure 24 hour a day, 7 days a week online portal to view your property details including past and present property statements, tenant lease particulars and financial year end summaries. 

Expanding your property portfolio

We work closely and have direct ties with reputable and experienced Buyers Agent based in the Lower North Shore. Once we have an idea of your criteria, we will match you with the right person who can meet with you and source your next investment property, or family home.

If you’re impressed by what you have read about us and realise that your current agent isn’t meeting your expectations, it may be time for a change of Property Manager.

We can facilitate this entire process on your behalf to ensure a seamless and stress-free transfer of management for you.

On your part, all we need is a signature, and the rest is handled by us. This process includes the collection of your property file and keys, subsequent property inspection, meeting with the tenant, a rent review and a sales estimate if you wish.